Stay safe in your home office!

People who never before worked from home are doing it now in large scale. This creates good “market place” for cyber criminals. A lecturer Joni Jämsä told to audience – in their home offices – how to recognize phishing attacks, kryptolocker and a lot more.

The scary thing is, that you may be unaware that hacker has been visiting you. That’s why the best way to protect yourself is to create good practices. For example; don´t ever open attached files in your e-mail if you are not expecting one, even if the mail is coming from your friend. A simple way to be sure is to call your friend.

Also, COVID-19 is causing some new cyber security threats. People want to read the latest news and rapports about the virus and they may visit harmful sites. Or probably they give away their credentials while they think they are just buying respiration masks.

More than 40 persons were listening to lecturer and cyber security expert Joni Jämsä 5th of May. The main topic of the webinar was data security in remote work. Webinar was organized by Cynic-project together with data security project SecuBot in Finland´s Ostrobothnia.