A black hat who never wins

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, encrypts information between a computer, cell phone, or tablet and a service. VPN protects the content of your internet traffic from attackers when using public when using public WiFi connections.

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I am proud to present a totally new series of comic strips

The author´s name is Sara Kåll Fröjdö. She works at Centria University of Applied Sciences. Actually, her main education is a marine biology. But at Centria she works in Interreg Nord -project and it is about nature entrepreneurs in Ostrobothnia in Finland and West Bothnia in Sweden.

How did you learn to draw? Did you study art or is it just a hobby?

I have always been drawing, even if I had just a tiny piece of paper I started to draw. Even wall papers were good for my purposes. In the school I felt that it is easier to concentrate if I had a pen in my hand. All the books and notebooks were full of sketches.

I love the roles of these comics. These two; the bad one and the good one are always the same persons. How did you get the idea?

Usually bad hackers are described as a man with black hoodie and sun classes. I wanted to create a lady to show that actually the bad one can be anybody. In any way, she is a “black hat”, as you can see.

The good guy is just a normal boy. Any of us can be smart like him. We just have to think twice before we act.

Did you feel that it is difficult to draw about data security?

Yes, first I thought that it was difficult, I don´t know anything about data security! But maybe it was preferable. I can show things in a simple way. Even my mother started to think about data security after she saw the comic strips. I have succeeded in my work if people learn something.

Series of comic strips starts from today and will continue through the summertime.

Hope you enjoy!

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