Welcome Anton Holmström & Simon Andersson

Simon Andersson and Anton Holmström strengthen the team in the CYNIC project with a focus on organizational information security in collaboration with regional small and medium-sized companies.

Anton and Simon both have a bachelor’s degree from Digital Service Innovation and are currently studying the master’s program in information security. Anton has previous experience of working with risk analysis, management and development of IT support, with a special interest in threats and security policies. Simon has a great interest in organizational perspectives of information security. Their capability to see both technical solutions and the relation to interpersonal aspects and behaviors will be valuable to the project. Their work is intended to contribute to an increased awareness within participating organizations and thereby support them to counteract risks and minimize any consequences they face.

Simon and Anton are employed at ~ 20% until the summer of 2021 and will focus, among other things, on the development of the mobile lab and training materials to support companies in their daily work with information security, development of digital services and business models.