Cyber Security Warriors – Online

The Cyber Security Awareness -webinar 26th November 2020 was an achievement of cross-border cooperation. The joint event presented a wide perspective in cyber security threats. The panelists invited reflections related to data security. What is data? Where do we use it? And where and how we store it? Who can steal it and why? How stolen data is used? How can we protect it? Are social media channels safe? How much we should worry about global cyber criminals? Is the human being the weakest or the strongest link in cyber security?

And the most important: Are we safe?

Thanks for our great panelists who twisted the questions properly. All of them are cyber security professionals and I would like to describe them as real Cyber Warriors, heroes who always are aware. They make research, they solve problems and they test devices and programs and they hunt cyber criminals.

Cyber Security professor Martti J. Lehto at University of Jyväskylä presented the latest threats in cyber security fields. White hat hacker Laura Kankaala made the audience scare by telling how criminals steal the data. Martin Lundgren, PhD risk researcher at Luleå University of Technology analyzed different type of risks and challenged the audience to think what kind of risks we should prioritize. Information Security Specialist Helinä Turunen at National Cyber Security Centre of Finland spoke about the importance of reporting cyber security issues. “Only that way we can fight against the criminals”.

Online webinar was organized by Centria University of Applied Sciences and Luleå University of Technology and collected totally 88 persons to participate through their home screens. The chat-window was hot about all the time. The audience had tricky questions and the panelist got chance to answer during their own speaking turn and during the panel discussion in the end.

From up and left: Laura Palovuori, Centria University of Applied Sciences (host); Martin Lundgren, Luleå University of Technology (panelist), Tom Tuunainen, Centria University of Applied Sciences (technical support, Centria SecuLab), Helinä Turunen, National Cyber Security Centre of Finland (panelist), Heikki Ahonen, Centria University of Applied Sciences (chat moderator and technical support), Laura Kankaala (panelist), Martti J. Lehto at University of Jyväskylä (panelist).