Cyber Challenge 2021

Cyber Challenge is a policy-oriented cyber security competition. This year’s Cyber Challenge took place on January 28, with a total of 15 participating teams representing Swedish universities. The competition is organized by Swedish Defence University’s (SEDU).

Two Cynic fellows, Anton Holmström and Simon Andersson was participating in one of the team (together Hannes Michel and Emil Christensson). Their team advanced to the semifinals. A great achievement by the team and also good learning experience and input to future work related to Information Security training.

Cyber Challenge:

The purpose of the competition is to increase and deepen the understanding of cyber attacks, the methods used to conduct them, and the challenges they pose for the political leadership, public agencies, companies, media, communities, and everyday citizens.

The teams are confronted with a fictional scenario of a cyber attack that is being targeted against critical infrastructure. The scenario draws upon the difficulty of dealing with a crisis in a rapidly changing security environment and increased instability. In response, the teams need to analyze the situation and unfolding events and prepare policy briefs that consider risk and incident management, strategic communication, policy development, and impact assessment. The teams are then judged and allocated points by a jury consisting of cyber security experts from both the private and public sector.