Welcome to House of CYNIC – A Virtual Exhibition on Cyber Security

Picture is a screenshot about the House of Cynic in the Miro online whiteboard. There is different houses with different thema and the visitor can learn about syber security.

We want to go back to a “normal” life. But what is the new normal? We want to go to theater, restaurants and coffee shops. We want to meet our colleagues in the office and have a lunch break together. We want to study together and see our teachers face to face.

The pandemic has been a critical driver for the speed of digital development and transformation in many areas. We, as a society, have taken development steps in a few weeks that would normally take us several years to implement.

We have learned to use Teams and Zoom for collaboration and meetings but is it really the same as in the “good old days”?

We in the Cynic-project have been wondering how to tell about our work and achievements without physically meeting our target groups.

How about a virtual exhibition?

People in the CYNIC-project got a very simply idea about an exhibition. We evaluated different kinds of solutions and finally we chose Miro. It is easy to create and update. Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform and it is interactive since visitors can simply leave ideas and comments with “stick notes”.

I am proud to present a virtual cyber security exhibition, the CYNIC House. You can find almost everything we have been doing in the project. You can enjoy in the movie theater and see all the videos we have done. You can even go to art gallery and learn about cyber security with funny comics. In library you can find scientific publications and master thesis. There are special rooms for cyber security labs and for future views.

Click here to get in. You can zoom in and out as you like. Welcome aboard.