Information security strategic plan is part of a good cybersecurity business model

In this image there are people building together a huge puzzle. The idea is to deskcibe that a good cyber security plan demands everyone to work together

An information security strategic plan can define security goals and plans on how to achieve those goals. This strategic plan is used to build good security practices. The implementation of the plan should also be well managed, for example it is important to train staff and ensure compliance with the strategy.

It is important to information security management to identify risks and respond to them accordingly. This is called risk management, and it is a good idea to create guidelines and measures based on it.

So where to start in creating an information security strategic plan?

1. Find out the initial situation of the organization

– Outline a picture of the security measures your organization needs.

2. What threatens our organization?

– Situational information on cybersecurity is needed to support decision making.

3. Incorporate cybersecurity into your organization’s goals

– Cyber security affects the entire organization, not just IT-department. Management should commit staff to common goals.

4. Be ready

– Resilience and fault tolerance are particularly important when introducing new equipment and solutions. Appropriate security measures should therefore be considered at the earliest stage of the implementation.

5. Encourage staff

– Trained and vigilant personnel are at the heart of detecting security incidents. Ensure that staff can easily report threats and anomalies, and that there are clear processes when dealing with them. A culture of openness contributes to the development of security.

Plan should be developed for the type of expertise needed in relation to cybersecurity.

a. What skills are needed in your organization to achieve key objectives and manage risk.

b. Which of these skills cannot be acquired outsourced?

c. How quickly do staff need these skills?

d. Note that it will take time to acquire sufficient expertise.

Good cybersecurity is an ongoing process that includes the availability of accurate and sufficient information, as well as decisions and measures based on the knowledge. The company must evaluate and adapt security measures as changes in the organization and its threat profiles occur.