Centria SecuLab’s Summer Traineeship Program: Highlights from Last Summer

Cybersecurity summer internships offer a wealth of positive experiences for aspiring professionals. These opportunities provide hands-on learning, allowing interns to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The summer experience allows the interns to build valuable connections that may lead to future job offers or collaborations as they develop and hone their skills in the cybersecurity field.

These experiences also sharpen problem-solving abilities as interns tackle real challenges.

The skills and knowledge gained during these internships enhance resumes and make candidates stand out to potential employers. Additionally, interns become more aware of the latest threats and best practices, contributing to a safer digital landscape, and the internship also prepares the interns for rewarding careers in the cybersecurity industry.

The summer interns have among other things taken a look at the NIS 2 directive, Cyber Resilience Act, and also pondered about the impact of cybersecurity on business reinvention and resilience.

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