SecTalk – The cybersecurity as a part of sustainable development


🔒🌱 SecTALK: Cybersecurity & Sustainable Development – 🌱🔒

On November 16th, 2023, SecTALK was held in Pietarsaari, Finland, and online. The event was a collaboration between the ISSUES-project, Myrsky, SustainChange, and Deetechtive projects. It explored the intersection between cybersecurity and sustainable development, showcasing thought-provoking discussions and expert insights.

SecTALK provided a platform for cross-border cooperation and shared learning, bringing together participants, experts, and enthusiasts. The event highlighted the importance of linking cybersecurity as part of sustainable development.

Two keynote speakers, Mira Valkjärvi from Centria and Per-Olov Humla from Redigo, addressed the audience. Mira presented an intriguing perspective on the symbiotic relationship between cybersecurity and sustainable development. Per-Olov talked about the need for passion in cybersecurity and the importance of looking at cybersecurity as a business factor for all organisations.

The speeches gave the audience a chance to reflect on their role in the organisation when it comes to cyber incidents, the root causes, and potential solutions to be better prepared in the future.

SecTALK was a great opportunity for attendees, whether onsite or online, to actively contribute to the discussion on how to shape a more secure and sustainable digital future. The speakers offered valuable tips to security enthusiasts looking to expand their capabilities and improve their CVs so that they can stand out in the job market and contribute more effectively within their organisations.

Watch the recordings from the event: