A reflection on the SAMI 2024 conference in Stará Lesná

Our journey from Finland to Stará Lesná in Slovakia was a trip full of learning and knowledge sharing. The purpose of our trip was to participate in the IEEE 22nd World Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics (SAMI 2024) held in the village of Stará Lesná. This village provided an setting for the conference, surrounded by snowy landscapes.

Throughout the conference, we enjoyed a diverse program that included presentations by researchers on scientific articles. We listened to presentations by experts from different fields, gaining new perspectives.

Our moment came when it was time to present our own scientific article called “A comparative study on the application of Convolutional Neural Networks for wooden panel defect detection”. It was an textbook example of good collaboration between two Universities of Applied Sciences. At the conference we (Tom Tuunainen and Olli Isohanni from Centria) presented our research and responded to questions from colleagues. Unfortunately, our co-author Mitha Rachel Jose (Laurea) was not able to join us at the conference.

The conference not only provided an opportunity to showcase our research but also opened doors to new contacts and potential future collaboration projects. Our journey to Stará Lesná was not just a geographical transition; it was also a journey into a world of new ideas and knowledge. We returned to Finland enriched by experiences and ready to continue our research.

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The paper will be published later this year and it can be found from IEEE Xplore: